Arthur Deco

I had a friend, Art Deco, And he had his design That people once embraced, but now To history consign It's hard to see your friends go down To absence, or neglect -- But he's still cool, Art Deco, The last time that I checked

Assumptions (14)

I look at paintings and I think How full and wondrous it must be To see or dream, and then to make That vision a reality. How I would love, with colored brush, To bring a world inside my mind To canvas for the world too see, And leave this drab gray one behind — … Continue reading "Assumptions (14)"

Young Dancers

all life is either dancing, or the rests in between © Bezik | – Five Young Dancers In The Same Dance Costumes, Resting Sitting O Photo   (“Young Dancers” – 8-3-2015)

3 Beliefs – 2

Joy comes interlaced with pain Everywhere we are, or go; Golden childhood tales contain Match girls dying in the snow — All we think to say, or feel, Frozen days by sunlight graced — Bricks and mortar of what’s real: Joy and pain are Interlaced

In Art’s Defense

There are many who have the proclivity To claim art has no real objectivity And it’s true, but it seems rather trivial To condemn as not-real the convivial

watercolor wandering

the first step is to be awash in everything you’re feeling, the second’s to become unhinged, with all your senses reeling, then finally you let it out, your griefs, your fear, your aching — with watercolor wandering, release is in the making

A Child Drawing

There’s no one more alive, absorbed – At least, that’s known to me – As when a child is drawing; Pure creativity Their line and color choices Are not convention’s slave: They draw because they want to And don’t have to behave


Entering for the first time, we saw a room, big and new, that smelled of newness and spare furniture; its most conspicuous feature was a series of brightly colored tiles covering most of the back wall. These followed no pattern my eyes could make out, but I was fascinated by them: it was as though, … Continue reading "Tiles"