Is That A Work of Art?

She asked me, “So —
Is that a work of art?”

I said I thought it was,
Most certainly.

She said, “It’s broken —
Even kind of random –“

“But broken’s beautiful
To those
Who see”

Photo credit: © Elena Egorova |

Artistic License

We reproduce the world, and see

What isn’t oughta shouldn’t be –

Then reproduce, on screen and page

A type of social macrophage


To crush the infamy, and try

For greener grass and bluer sky:

Artistic license, at it’s core —

Though we be small, we hope

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One Type of Artistic Fate

If I could paint a picture true
Of sunny day, and waterfall,
I’d surely give it then, to you,
To hang up in your favorite hall

I’d my pour my love into this art
So you would see it, and recall —
Then you’d walk by it, every day,
And never look
At all