Sketches – 4

Busy week coming up?

It doesn’t look too bad, but
Friday’s slammed

How is the painting going?

It needs more work.
I’ll show you later —
Have you seen the cat?
I can’t find the cat

We don’t own a cat

I mean, sure,
Nobody really “owns” a cat…

We have no cat.
No cat lives here.
If one did, you would
Call it by her or his name.
You would say,
Have you seen Belle? or
Have you seen Lee-Kwan-Dexter?
or whatever.

You are not naming our cat.

Are you saying you want a cat?

Why do you hate cats?

What are you talking about?
I love cats

You don’t see too concerned
That we can’t find ours

Let’s go down to the shelter
And see if we can find our cat

Now you’re talking

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