Run The Dunes

The days that we would run the dunes
Until the sun sank low;
Those timeless, breathless afternoons
So free of care and woe

The nights beside the ocean as
The stars came out to shine;
No other spot in mem’ry has
A feel so anodyne

As just to know, now that your gone,
That we were e’er so blessed:
And that, we’ll run again, someday,
Sweet dunes
Where we’ll find

6 thoughts on “Run The Dunes

      1. I never had a free-of-care moment in my childhood. I’ve known this intellectually, but not like I felt it when I read this and saw the image. My next thought was, at least I don’t have to pine away for how easy and worry-free my childhood was, compared to adulthood.

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      2. Reminds me of one my favorite (actual) Mark Twain quotes: “There has never been an intelligent person of the age of sixty who would consent to live his life over again. His or anyone else’s.”

        I know from memory and by other’s report that I was a very angry child. I wasn’t thinking of childhood as carefree, per se; I was thinking of the kind of complete absorption into playing that children have.

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