A Love Story

Once, a shy girl: soft imploding,
Preset pillows, pressed decoding,
Colored contacts, carbo loading,
Lover, fighter, guard of dreams —

Then, a new boy: bright exploring,
Hope expanding, thoughts outpouring,
Dark hair shining, passions warring,
Writer, painter, all extremes —

Came a moment: golden gladness,
Manic mixture, molten madness,
Scenes of soon-forgotten sadness,
Two lives taken off of shelves

Once, a shy girl: gotten bolder,
Then, a new boy made to hold her,
One more day, but not just older,
Two new people, now

17 thoughts on “A Love Story

  1. And sometimes it can’t happen so one just has to find the strength to tighten up the warp on one’s own and go on weaving one’s way through life. It’s either that or fray and break.

  2. Wow I love this. Reading this I could see the used little words that describes two people who came together to create a happy beginning leaving behind the sadness of the past. I don’t know how right I am but this is where it took me.

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