What Is Love to You?

And what is love to you?

She said:

I see the picture in my head —
Of two that hold together so
That years won’t find them letting go —

Whatever all that life might bring,
They to each other justly cling;
This is the picture that I see –
And this is what love is, to me.

He said:

The world’s not made like that:
Your such a naive flower:
Relationships all fall apart,
They all come down to power.

She said:

There is a truth that’s told,
That what cannot be bought’s not sold:
That selfishness will never know
That love exists. And, even so

I will not compromise on this.
I have a heart, it’s mine to give;
And so, in search of love I’ll go:
It’s how I choose to live

He wandered off to someone else
She wasn’t sad to see him leave:
While two stood not too far away
In whom she did
And he did not

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5 Thoughts to “What Is Love to You?

  1. “They all come down to power.”
    Once I lost my power, asshat took it and then he used it against me, to keep me down.

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