[The subject of today’s Daily Prompt is the one word “Help”, and, thinking about it, I couldn’t “help” but remember the dark day last year I posted the piece below. I was overwhelmed at the outpouring of support I received, and I learned : there is a real community out here. To all who responded at the time: I’m grateful beyond my ability to express. – Owen]

Would Anybody read my words
Without the glossy images?
Does Anybody care if I
Am breaking down inside?

Within the world of Anybodies
I am but a virus;
A nobody to reckon with
Who lingers just outside

Does Anybody want to hear
My songs, my hope, my heartbeat?
Does Anybody fear the day
Or night that I’m denied?

My life is broken up and down

My way’s a cliff that’s high and sheer

But there’s not Anybody here —

Not even one

No body


24 Thoughts to “Anybody?

      1. Dear Owen,
        How about a virtual hand hug? Everyone from Athens and Oconee GA sends their best wishes,

  1. I’m hoping that this is just a poem without literal meaning about your actual state of mind. If it IS about your true frame of mind right now, I implore you to seek out someone to help you. Someone to talk to. Be well my friend. 💖

  2. Owen, remember when you wondered about the tag “dishonesty” on my Jungian quote post – and I changed it to “self-dishonesty,” which is what it should have been in the first place? It’s not about purposeful dishonesty! No. It’s about ignoring a reality that we don’t want to face, with a cover of “everything’s fine” (EVERYBODY does this some degree or another). Then, when a life crisis comes along, the lid gets blows off and all that stuff that’s been pushed down can start bubbling up – and it can be yukky and painful. It’s something you’re going through, not a permanent state of being. Once you truly acknowledge this, it starts losing it’s power.

    Two things:
    1. Get yourself in contact with your (a) therapist/friend/person you trust, today.
    2. I learned everything I know by going through it.

    Your friend,
    Lola 🙂

  3. Dear Owen,
    You seem like a really nice person.
    You are someone I would want to know if we lived in the same place.
    I would always read your opinions, thoughts, and poetry even if you didn’t use photos.
    Maybe you can go back and read some of your witty poems to lift up your spirits.
    I hope you have a better weekend and that your week ahead goes well.

  4. This really resounds to me. I think these thoughts all the time.
    The reason:
    I often think nobody would take me seriously. It’s because of my age. It’s 13.
    Anyway, beautiful piece. I’d read your words. In fact, I’ll be off on an adventure reading your blog.
    BTW, how’d you overcome this feeling?

    1. I’m glad you’re here, Leo. Welcome.

      The best antidote for loneliness I’ve found is community – realizing that the things we share are greater than the things that separate us. I take everyone seriously, regardless of age, or anything else, because ‘everyone’ is all there is, really. Age (I’m fifty-three) hasn’t left me any more certain than I ever was.

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