To See My Mom

[This picture is actually my mom in 1955. This was written before she passed away in 2019. – Owen]

I do not know which is further
The seventeen hundred miles to see my mom
Or the sixty years since this photo was taken

Each needs the aid of human technology to be crossed:
Plane rides today, for my wife and me
Or this photo, snapped by my dad in Japan
And loaded by my brother-in-law onto the Internet

There, my mom, but twenty-four years old
Is sitting across the world, in Japan
Today, my mom is eighty-four years old
With Parkinson’s, heart troubles, macular degeneration
Recently moved into an Assisted Living facility

The stylish young woman of the photo
Now, having seen so many lives,
And dreamed so many dreams,
Still does —

This is my mom
Who I have always known
And who I do not know

As the farthest distances to travel
Are still those

Between two people

Trying to really


(“To See My Mom” – 3-3-2015)

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37 Thoughts to “To See My Mom

  1. This has touched my heart on a level so incredibly deep and personal.. Great post, thanks for sharing it with us!

      1. I wanted to reblog this, and then the post you wrote today about what you can and can’t see, so best I can figure is … there’s a reblog with a few links coming up.

        Looking forward to these new posts.

  2. She is gorgeous goes without saying.. And the closing lines of the poem indeed are profound.
    May the new year bridge the distances. Amen

  3. Deeply touching. My dad had all the same conditions and so I feel for your family. Much love to all of you.

  4. This is really good. I like that you used a photo of your mom. The family photo helps complete the poem in a different way than if it wasn’t posted with the poem. Thank you for sharing this poem and photograph with us.
    Sam Sutlive.

  5. This is a beautiful piece and the last 8 Lines sum it up so perfectly for us all- This is something we all are trying to deal with. And when the other person is your mother it is so important to leave each other feeling fulfilled. i wish you well.

  6. Your mother is a beautiful woman. It’s so heart breaking seeing our strong parents, whom we grow to admire. Suffer the pains that come with old age. Stay strong my friend.

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