To See My Mom

[This picture is actually my mom in 1955. – Owen] I do not know which is further The seventeen hundred miles to see my mom Or the sixty years since this photo was taken Each needs the aid of human technology to be crossed: Plane rides today, for my wife and me Or this photo, … Continue reading "To See My Mom"

my first heroine

your sunset was my sunrise. all the same, you laughed to see the joy you thought i felt. there was a bit of irony in this: but i was in my taking phase, and so, took you for granted, and your grace as due. i know, because our roles are now reversed: not times of … Continue reading "my first heroine"

Hillside Tears

Dying moments, holding hands, Picture-books from other lands, Misty mountains, desert sands, All of this she gave me Silliness and idle laughter, Water rides and aloe after, Tales recalled by verse and chapter, Lessons taught to save me From the world and from tomorrow; How to greet both joy and sorrow Knowing time’s a thing … Continue reading "Hillside Tears"

Reynold’s Hill

There, past the stanchion, on the street, Sad little boy with his only friend: Rain has been falling, beat on beat, Evening is crawling, nights don’t end — Where is the hand to smooth his face? Where are the arms to hold him close? She’s sleeping under Reynold’s Hill, Just past a soggy Paper Rose

They Called to Say…

They called to say you would no longer eat, Or take your meds, or try to live at all; The first I ever knew, at last to go To follow Dad behind the giant wall We love, but then in parenthood, it seems That love is asymmetrical and strange; Yet nothing is more normal than … Continue reading "They Called to Say…"