my mother, now


‘slowing down.. forgetful…’
these were my sister’s terms:
a visit, then, to see my mom
these things indeed confirms

but four score and five years is long
to be upon this earth;
including nearly three score since
the first of us was given birth

but my mom — she does not look back;
she forward-looking ever is —
and pain and loss-of-function have not
dimmed anticipation

for though the sun may slowly set,
and day give way at last to night,
she will not vanish from the fight,
nor give in to temptation

to not do what she can while there’s still light to see around:
nor cease from living while there still is living to be found

My Mother, Now

(Photos taken March of 2015. – Owen)

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      1. I would say, “Seriously??” but I know you’re serious. I suspect he painted her at least once. 🙂

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