daylight tulips

She felt joy
In daylight tulips
Beyond reach

Seen through a window
From a bed
She would never leave

Known to few
As years receded
Fading fire

Flowers that shone, like
Other days
And graceful moments

So sang the meadow

A mom in shadow

A spoken lullaby.

The world will soon be yours,
my little one -

I’ll watch you learn and grow,
your little hands as they reach out
to touch, and understanding lights
your shining eyes

And as you now can rest in me,
you’ll always have a place to lay your head
when, after busy day,
you need to dream awhile, peacefully

And you won’t ever fail to know
your mother loves you,
fully and completely

A burning strength within yourself,
from which you can explore,
and reach the stars -

The world will soon be yours,
my liitle one,
the same way you’re


They Called to Say…

They called to say you would no longer eat,
Or take your meds, or try to live at all;
The first I ever knew, at last to go
To follow Dad behind the giant wall

We love, but then in parenthood, it seems
That love is asymmetrical and strange;
Yet nothing is more normal than this love
That bonds us past our years, and strength, and range

There comes a time when we must yield the ghost
And move offstage, for all our lines are done;
But how I wish it need not be today,
As do us all – we creatures of the sun

I know I must accept this fate, this choice;
For from you came my reason, and my voice —

  And still I wish it wasn’t – wasn’t so —
  That you would leave,
  And I watch you

  Let go

my mother, now

(Photos taken March of 2015. – Owen)


‘slowing down.. forgetful…’
these were my sister’s terms:
a visit, then, to see my mom
these things indeed confirms

but four score and five years is long
to be upon this earth;
including nearly three score since
the first of us was given birth

but my mom — she does not look back;
she forward-looking ever is —
and pain and loss-of-function have not
dimmed anticipation

for though the sun may slowly set,
and day give way at last to night,
she will not vanish from the fight,
nor give in to temptation

to not do what she can while there’s still light to see around:
nor cease from living while there still is living to be found

My Mother, Now

(Photos taken March of 2015. – Owen)

The Mother-Sun

“for years she gave herself away
to those she loves” […]

she’s given, long, herself away
to those she loves… and thoughtlessly
she’s poured her good looks and her youth
into these kids
who just take her for granted

the smile that launched a thousand thoughts;
the dancer’s body – so admired –
the many talents rarely shown
to children, now,
who take her presence lightly

the star of photograph and scene,
looked down upon by those she loves;
and treated as an afterthought
who barely rates
another joking comment

the sacrifice she daily makes
i know she’ll make again today;
for like the sun, she radiates,
but gets no warmth
sent back from all these planets

Threads of Realization – 2

Page and quotation from “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard” by Thomas Gray.

Elegy Illustrated by Blake

This woman who to me gave life and birth
Now sixteen hundred empty miles away
Her voice weak, cracking on the other end
As she describes the limits of her day

She read to me when I was just a child
She knew these poems, and she loved them well —
“The paths of glory lead but to the grave”
The paths of righteousness lead there, as well