tell me the truth –

tell me the truth and help me see
the world somewhere outside of me

tell me the lies that make you smile
and soothe me – for a little while –

tell me a tale that just sounds right
that gets me through another night —

just tell me how and where and when
this emptiness fills up

Within the Valley

Outside the valley, no one knows
Just how it feels when you
No longer feel —

For what are facts and family
When friends and fortunes seem
No longer real?

We move as we are moved, and so
Without emotion, life
Is broken will —

Within the valley, trapped inside
The hopeless stillness of
The heart
Gone still

The right crayon

You look and look
For just the shade
Of sea and sky
And marmalade –

For thunderclouds,
And cocoa beans,
And paraffin,
And mustard greens –

The hue and feel
Of dogs and cats,
And barrow-wights,
And acrobats –

Of scrambled eggs,
Tomato cans,
Old manatees,
And pelicans –

The sun, the moon,
Gingham, or tweed —
The right crayon:
It’s all you need