Vending Machines

Vending machines: another thing I love.

Refrigerated mini-stores

Located manywheres and anyplace.

Mechanical coin counters

Suppliers coming in and keeping full

Of soft drinks, gum, or candy bars.

Vintage ones like the one above,

Or ultramodern machines on the streets of Tokyo:

Another thing I love,

Another silly, inconsequential, amazing thing.

Photo credit : © Paul Sankey |

Smaller Things

It’s smaller things that mean the most.
We find that out as time goes by;
When in large nothings we’re engrossed,
That never seem to satisfy —

And then we find a moment true,
When what’s important – love – shines through,
And we can see, amid it all,
That what means most is mostly

The Day You Know

The day you finally, really know,
The world comes into focus clear:
It may be chilled by wind and snow,
But all the warmest times seems near —

For though the heart be bruised and sore,
And we feel far away from shore,
The pull will come, the hope, the yearn,
As tide comes back, with love’s return.