The right crayon

You look and look For just the shade Of sea and sky And marmalade – For thunderclouds, And cocoa beans, And paraffin, And mustard greens – The hue and feel Of dogs and cats, And barrow-wights, And acrobats – Of scrambled eggs, Tomato cans, Old manatees, And pelicans – The sun, the moon, Gingham, or … Continue reading "The right crayon"

An Empty House

Way back, when love was just an empty house, The view was good and looked out on the sea, And there, ostensibly, were you and me, Each one supposed to be the other’s spouse. Each morning came in course, the sun would rise, And we would go about the things that made Our days and … Continue reading "An Empty House"

Vending Machines

Vending machines: another thing I love. Refrigerated mini-stores Located manywheres and anyplace. Mechanical coin counters Suppliers coming in and keeping full Of soft drinks, gum, or candy bars. Vintage ones like the one above, Or ultramodern machines on the streets of Tokyo: Another thing I love, Another silly, inconsequential, amazing thing. Photo credit : © Paul … Continue reading "Vending Machines"

the day goes past

the day goes past my sight and turns to gray as distant, floating things become unseen; so much i’ve known has gone, or dimmed away —- the brightly colored world of seventeen has faded like an aging magazine, and falls within the shadow of the storm, to lose all hue, and barely keep its form. … Continue reading "the day goes past"


Treasure this life while you can, In everything you do; For though our days are full of moments, Good ones can be few. Treasure what you have, and hold Your loved ones to your heart; For though we know this would be wise, We’re rarely all That smart

Smaller Things

It’s smaller things that mean the most. We find that out as time goes by; When in large nothings we’re engrossed, That never seem to satisfy — And then we find a moment true, When what’s important – love – shines through, And we can see, amid it all, That what means most is mostly … Continue reading "Smaller Things"