A Dating Memory – Carnival

So up we went
To a sky that nearly swallowed us –
A bass line could be heard across
The vast expanse of people –
Smells of sugar and salt and butter and
A bit of your perfume
I still can smell —

Two holding hands and feeling high
In several different ways –
We laughed to feel the wind and all
The myriad sensations of the evening –
Clad in our respect for dating, and
Our devotion to the cause of discovering
Just how high and how far and how fast
We could go

At fourteen

And not really on a date, but only sort of

Space Invaders

It’s sad that no one knows that he at one time protected the whole world from invasion; but real heroes, he’s realized, rarely get the attention they deserve. At any rate, he would not have liked the attention had he received it: the one type of invader he can’t deal with at all are those who invade his own space.

the world that is

the world that is, the world that was,
the poor response, the great because;
those empty spaces in between
what we have felt, and heard, and seen –
the heart, with it’s own laws

the special knowledge of our own,
the times we’ve shrunk, the ways we’ve grown;
to travel where we need to go,
with luggage we discreetly stow –
together – or alone –

a man who used to be a whiz —
now seeing life is just a quiz,
with answers we don’t dare essay –
one more mistake along the way —
in this one world
that is

“align yourself”

"align yourself, and live in ways
  that will bring order to your days -"
  advice that some might follow, if
  the world allowed us to

  but only in the things we make
  does chaos, and its constant ache,
  find any easing in our minds;
  just simple things we do --

    to make some sense of what's beyond
    the furthest truth that we can know;
    an antifragile entropy
    to which our efforts all must go

  so paint with lines of love, and see
  the colors of humanity;
  align yourself with hope, and be
  an ordered shape,
  yet always

Shades of Heart

We spoke, right after you had been

Assailed by hateful bigotry,

And though you had much good to tell,

The other part still stayed with me


So color: when we all are small

We learn them, pick our favorite ones –

It’s everywhere, in this, the same

Among our daughters and our sons


But what is it makes people fade,

And play the haters baneful part?

Why does skin color matter more

Than all the shades

Of heart?