I don’t embrace my ugliness,
I simply choose to know it,
And all the ways, in many days,
I struggle not to show it.

For much that I’ve experienced
For naught, or ill, or fun,
Is there within my character,
In what I am or’ve done.

The Greeks said character is fate.
Of that I am not sure;
For good and bad are so admixed,
That nothing’s really pure.

But I have seen my mind’s inside,
The grease that’s in the fire;
The charring sludge that stays behind
The remnants of desire.

I don’t embrace my ugliness,
But choose to understand
That I might finally know the truth
Of what and who I am.

For where the river meets the sea,
The cycle starts again;
And I must turn my gaze inside
Far past what I pretend

To be to most the outside world.
I must regenerate
The man I’ll be from what I was,
Before it is
Too late

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2 Thoughts to “Regenerate

  1. Wow I could have written this. A journey in rediscovering myself this past year and reclaiming who I was. Excited for you, to me it was like coming home.

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