Mixed Signals

We should not care so much about appearance. I read this everyday, and everywhere — But yet we will; and brook no interference In judging others. Nor curtail our care For our own looks; for our own way of seeming. We seem to want to have this thing both ways — The moral view, that … Continue reading "Mixed Signals"

The Creative Impulse

It is better to make poor beauty than great ugliness     When you love the arts, you love people who love the arts         Color and symmetry are food and drink for the human soul             A pen can do almost anything in the hands of … Continue reading "The Creative Impulse"

Hallways : servers

we call them servers: you and I are using them right now anonymously serving us a technologic Tao the Way things are transmitted from your “there” back to my “here” these rooms filled up with servers that make every far thing near