Beer Seventeen

Fill In theĀ Blank

Three people walk into a bar . . .

= = = = =

Three people walk into a barĀ one day
How thirsty they were, I couldn’t say
But each ordered seventeen beers and asked
The bartender for the time

He looked at them rather appraisingly
Then poured out the drinks very carefully
Until fifty-one of them sat on the bar
And just then, the clock did chime

He said to the first, “quite a thirst you’ve got”
He said to the second, “that’s quite a lot”
He said to the third, “if you need a cab
Just tell me before you go

And I’m guessing the time is beer seventeen
That is, from your actions, what I can glean”
They drank them each down in the cool and the dark
Then staggered back out the door

I’m not recommending you do this, too
Or you’ll get your liver swamped:
I’m telling this story to all of you
To answer this stupid prompt

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