nano seconds

 we write to show, or to express,
 and we're all different (I guess)
 in how it feels to feel desire
 or when we might see blue in fire. 

 and while I struggle here with rhyme,
 there's others deep in story time;
 or gazing on a lone wind chime
 as it provides its music --

 with precious anniversaries,
 or working through PTSD;
 or even drawing from a well
 of weekend stories we might tell --

 it's been a month for glories, no?
 with perfect evenings, all aglow,
 and for us types who need a fix
 there's even been some good chex mix

 for we, the discombobulated,
 sunsets that we've celebrated;
 breathing in a dawning day,
 or wordlessly pass time away.
 it's hard when you're a pepper
and sometimes you just feel
that we're all on a diet
but you must serve a meal.

for every "new beginning"
comes to us at a cost,
and without mice and wooden spoons,
i know that i'd

be lost
 covid's hit us pretty hard,
 we have to cope in different ways:
 like fixing things as best we can,
 or organizing moving days,

 or bathing in the frosty calm,
 or pausing to do some qi gong,
 or working puzzles about books,
 or paddling through lakes, or brooks

 or watching rom-coms on the way,
 or living through election day:
 we each survive as best we can
 (especially with cats to hand!)
 it's interesting what people do,
 i find it stimulative;
 for using what we have at hand
 enables the creative

 and when the spark is found
 it is a wonder to behold:
 but when the mishaps reappear
 it can get kind of old.
 some write from a lifelong effort to
 address a wrong they see;
 while others find a special space
 in nights with no tv --

 we hope our kids remember
 all the things that we did for them:
 for we make memories, and it
 is better to

 adore them
 so hey, i'm not letting the butter thing go.
 i read and loved this, so you know;
 and Ra, it's not just this month you host:
 it is that i now know the hidden work most.
 so one last look at where we've been:
 at crowded pages, full of vim,
 for golden kisses, warm and right,
 and frozen moonlight walks, last night.

 of prime directives, thoughtfully;
 of melted minds, within the sea
 of things that change our lives, when we
 count backwards from eternity.

 the ashes of dead stars we are.
 and humor can take us as far
 as we can go, when finding faults
 can keep us locked within our vaults
 but in the end, it's just for fun:
 i'm sure that i've left out someone
 who wasn't on the master page
 so don't resent me, please, or rage

 if you have read all of this way
 and do not see your blog today.
 i did the best i could, you see
 with all this time insomnia

 gives me

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25 Thoughts to “nano seconds

  1. Oh I am sorry for your insomnia. Nights last forever don’t they when we can’t sleep? What a beautiful ode to this group of peppers we are. How kind of you. It is much appreciated. Thank you <3

      1. I have the same problem however I have found that melatonin and at other times Sleep tea have helped me get a bit more hours of sleep then usual. Yes, it has been fun reading your beautiful words <3

  2. I will never see pepper the same way again! LOL
    Brilliant poem.
    Your talent in writing is awesome.

  3. You and your writing are amazing! Thank you for including me in your MASTERPIECE! I’m honored and humbled!
    Looking forward to continuing to blog as a group even when NaNoPoBlano is over!💜

  4. This is really so lovely. I was on my phone when I read it before which I still can’t quite get to work– but I’m so impressed! I wish my insomnia were so productive. 😀

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