They heard the music playing,
  so followed them the tune:
The mystic ocean symphony
  a soothing bit of harmony
    communing with their souls —
    they needed to commune.

And though poor in materials,
  they found a way to go:
For truly rich, and truly deep
  are memories we make to keep,
    like echoes in the shoals —
    and finding space to grow.

There is a love that joins us,
And there are hearts that feel;
There’s beauty in simplicity,
And making good things real.

And though we slump or cower
Beneath our load of care,
We each can hear the music,
Because it’s always there…

They found a chance for freedom,
  so took it when they could:
And though imperfect all we are,
  ‘twas worth some hours in the car
    to give up their old goals —
    and bask in something


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