Sketches – 80

{Looking up from a book she’s picked up off the shelf} So… how much longer? We should be out of the condo And back here in six weeks Wasn’t it originally supposed to be — Eight weeks, yes. That was in March. Then Covid I’ve missed this place Yeah, it’s been weird. It’s just been … Continue reading "Sketches – 80"

Sketches – 79

I turned out to be a beautiful day It finally feels like Fall! About time Yeah, the Summer, like most of 2020, Has kinda outstayed its welcome No lie… I just got a text. Hmmm. Did you know there was going to be A presidential election this year? Seems like I’d heard Something about it, … Continue reading "Sketches – 79"

Sketches – 78

[The following conversation took place a few years ago. – Owen] So why did you decide to come out here to work? I don’t know. Being home was getting to me You’ve been seeming kind of depressed I am. I’m a little lost, professionally Explain Being in the arts is… very precarious. No matter how … Continue reading "Sketches – 78"

Sketches – 77

That’s an old photo. We were up at Buggs Mill Farm, right? Yes, we were. That was such a fun day And you didn’t originally Want go. Remember? I do remember that. I learned something about myself that day Which was? Going places with you Is always a good idea, because You are going to … Continue reading "Sketches – 77"

Sketches – 76

Hey there Hello So… Whatcha doin? Just sitting here… Thinking About? People Ugh. I wouldn’t be sitting here smiling If I was doing that I don’t know. People are fascinating. We feel so strongly about things Yes. I often think The intensity of our emotion about any subject Is in inverse proportion to how much … Continue reading "Sketches – 76"

Sketches – 75

Hmmm… let me think… Yep, there it is. These calculations prove it Prove what? You work too hard. It’s all right here in writing I work too hard? I’ve never worked twenty hours a day For 18 days straight on One mural No, you just work thirteen hours a day 358 days per year. You … Continue reading "Sketches – 75"

Sketches – 74

Do you have any idea how much I love you? And I love you But I’m still taking this picture It was worth a shot I thought I might divert you Why do you hate getting your picture taken so much? You are very handsome in an… actuarial sort of way Exactly Why do you … Continue reading "Sketches – 74"

Of Course She Settled…

Of course she settled, That’s what women do — If they’re not with One of the five guys They all want. Or maybe I’m one of those guys You can’t be: It’s all about status. That’s why we men are wired To kill and die — There are so few of us That are really … Continue reading "Of Course She Settled…"

unveilings (5)

dressing up, she spoke to me and said, “what did you do the whole time you were sick?” “I didn’t do much,” I said. “I was pretty depressed, and saw little value in going forward as a damaged sort of man.” “damaged?” “yeah, i had lost significant brain capacity from seizures, and everything had slowed … Continue reading "unveilings (5)"