Sketches – 73

Thank you for the flowers! They’re lovely. I grew them myself In… ummm… Our back yard We live in a condo Yes, that made it Far more challenging. Any way, with the artist-in-residence Thing falling through, I thought I’d remind you I love you Yes, well. As an actuary, you could Have at least warned … Continue reading "Sketches – 73"

Sketches – 72

So — why are we at this school, again? Oh, that’s right, I haven’t told you. I am going to be artist-in-residence here Starting next fall Well, that sounds cool. What does it entail? I will teach two classes a week, Produce a number of commissioned works, And give a speech at graduation That sounds … Continue reading "Sketches – 72"

Sketches – 71

Guess who’s got all her Christmas shopping done? This girl! Well, bully for you. I’ve almost… started… Wow, you put the “pro” In procrastination. Why so behind? I’m not sure. You can be hard to buy for. Me? Never. I like everything that’s Absolutely, precisely what I want. What’s hard about that? Meeting that level … Continue reading "Sketches – 71"

What Is Love to You?

And what is love to you? She said: I see the picture in my head — Of two that hold together so That years won’t find them letting go — Whatever all that life might bring, They to each other justly cling; This is the picture that I see – And this is what love … Continue reading "What Is Love to You?"

Sketches – 70

I love to see you laugh I think I have a stupid laugh What? I sound like a donkey. And I snort. It’s embarrassing I love your voice. I notice you didn’t say, “laugh” I love the sound of your laugh, seriously. You don’t get tired of it? No. It’s when you’ve stopped laughing That … Continue reading "Sketches – 70"

not you, too

i wish you loved me not you, too what is so bad with saying “love”? it isn’t what you say, it’s how you say it. love’s not ownership. it is a song, a thunderstorm, a breeze. it’s not a thing at all. but still i wish you loved me yes, you do

Reroutes (2)

She spoke to me of fall, and said, “That year, we took a trip to see The leaves first turning. We were to start a family, And I was burning With readiness, and fearfulness, And all else in-between, And every night we talked of wonders That day seen. I never dreamed that any trip Could … Continue reading "Reroutes (2)"

A Donut Shop Encounter

[overheard in line] … so… you like the Butternut? Yes, they’re very good. Then I’ll take one of those, too. Anything else, sir? Yes. Your employee discount. [Laughs] Sure. Why not. Anything else? Yes. Your number. Umm… I have a boyfriend. Really? Ever given HIM your employee discount? Nice one. That’ll be four seventy-three. … … Continue reading "A Donut Shop Encounter"

Asides – 1

The men I meet don’t even try What do you mean? They don’t even try to see “me”. They just want things. It’s all, like, a big game Doesn’t sound like a very fun game It’s not. I’m lonely. Is it me? Am I doing something wrong? You? No. You’re fantastic. Any guy would be … Continue reading "Asides – 1"