Sketches – 77

That’s an old photo.
We were up at Buggs Mill Farm, right?

Yes, we were.
That was such a fun day

And you didn’t originally
Want go.

I do remember that.
I learned something about myself that day

Which was?

Going places with you
Is always a good idea, because
You are going to be there

Oh… that’s so sweet!
But never mind that right now.
Tell me what you remember about that day

We were worried about rain.
And I had never been horseback riding.
But it didn’t rain. And I rode two different horses,
While you rode all… five?


We ate at the cafe there, and
The food was amazing.
And we met that couple visiting from Malawi.
They were really interesting.

And their names were…?

Tamanda and… Enock?

Score one for the man who claims
He can’t remember names.

They were a such a cool couple.
I wonder where they are these days?

They live in D.C. – she and I are Instagram friends.
They recently had a baby

Oh wow! Why haven’t I heard this?

Because, usually, when I come in here,
You are working, not looking at an old photo of me.
So we don’t talk.
And if I don’t tell you things when I remember them,
I might not ever.

We should go back up to the farm.
It just reopened.



It’s a date.
But… I don’t look like this photo anymore

You are beautiful as ever, my love.
And even if what you say is true,
The horses won’t mind.
And you do love horses

Yeah I really do.
They have one of my paintings there, remember?

I do.
Even though I wanted that painting.

The we should go visit periodically.
We have visitation rights

This is really a good photo of you.
But honestly, I’ve never seen a bad one

Well, you’re biased.
Still I’m glad it’s still my photo you look at

As opposed to?…

I don’t know.
Pictures of Batgirl.

We’re back on that, are we?

Barbara Gordon had the sexy librarian thing going.
We all know how guys are about that

And girls love horses.
Nothing wrong with any of it

I guess you’re right

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