Sketches – 81

You look happy

I am happy
Although I am not quite sure why

I’m sure I don’t need to remind you, but…
There is a lot of misery in the world.
It is unseemly to be happy.
Or so the thinking goes

And yet, I am unmoved.
Still happy

Well, okay.
I see there is no dissuading you

Yeah, moods are kind of a thing

I had a mood once

Um.. excuse me. You have moods constantly

I do not

You have more moods than
Baskin-Robbins has flavors

Okay, well maybe.
How did this become about me?
You are the one who is unreasonably happy

Happiness is neither reasonable or unreasonable.
It simply is

Or isn’t

Or isn’t, yes.
So I can’t be unreasonably happy

The point is conceded.
However, you are, by your own admission,
Unexplainably happy

That is true, I am

But there must be an explanation

Unexplainably happy has no explanation,
By definition.
So I win again

Winning these semantic arguments.
That’s what you are happy about.
I figured it out

No, I was already happy.
Although it certainly hasn’t
Subtracted any happiness

I want to be unexplainably happy, too.
Instead, I’ll settle for being
Understandably disgruntled

You are disgruntled?
Someone has removed your gruntling?

Unexplainably AND unreasonably, yes

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