Sketches – 88

Have you seen my jacket? It’s gotten cold out there

Yes, December has that feature

My, aren’t you in a sunny mood?

I just can’t believe this year is almost over. And that we have to go shopping

It’ll be fun!

Doing anything with you is fun. But crowds, not so much

Yeah, well. You hated crowds before Covid. You kind of pioneered social distancing

You say that like it’s a bad thing. Where are we starting?

Kohl’s. My mom is looking for a zip-front fleece

I get fleeced every time at Kohl’s, so that seems logical

Hey, look, Kohl’s has very reasonable prices. And I have coupons!

Are those still a thing?

Yes, my husband-who-majored-in-unawareness. They are just virtual now

I know about some stuff. I have a thirty-four foot receipt I got at CVS yesterday

Meaning, you don’t realize you could actually cash some of that stuff in?

You can?

Oh, boy. Anyway, we can shop for your brother and sister while we’re out.

What about your sister?

Already handled. We got her a very prestigious set of placemats.

And those are also still a thing?

This is why we have to get you out of the house every so often. Yes, people still eat meals at tables

Well, I’ve already learned enough popular anthropology to last a month. Can we just call it a day?

Um, no. We also have to drive up to Warm Springs.

Okay, now I’m actually interested. Who do we know who needs like real craftsmanship?

We have a niece and a nephew

We do, indeed. Okay, I’m down

Do you remember when we were dating and we —

— went on that impromptu trip to Warm Springs? I don’t think that’s a thing I would likely ever forget

No, I imagine not. I think of it often

Yeah, well. It’s hard to believe the stuff we used to do

And still occasionally do

True. While we’re up there, do you want to eat at the Bulloch House?

Sure. It should be lunch time by then. I’m glad you are warming to the day

Well it is called Warm Springs

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