Sketches – 83

Here is your coffee.
Do you use all these colors?

No, I just smash them around
To express my frustration.
Oh, good, this coffee is perfect.
Thank you

I’m going to go out for a drive,
If it’s okay with you

I’ll be here, swearing at this canvas.
Don’t you usually watch football
On afternoons like this?

I’ll be listening in the car.
Football by a local team’s radio coverage
Is the best. They make no effort
At objectivity

As opposed to?

Good point.
I should say,
“They make no effort to feign objectivity
In support of a publicly stated
(Rather than tacit)

Who do you cheer for again?

The Falcons.
But they are struggling.
They haven’t won a game.
The owner fired just about
The entire staff last week.

But you will be listening, anyway?

Of course!
But I didn’t figure my screaming at the TV
Would help you paint.
So I’ll do that in the car.

Well, have fun

Cheering for the Falcons
Isn’t exactly fun.
It’s more like penance

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