Sketches – 90

You joining the selfie generation? 

Reference photos for a painting. 

You are painting the most 
Objectively beautiful woman ever?

Nice. Still got the words, I see. 
No, it’s a historical work about 
The impact gangs have had over 
The last century.

Impact on… ? 

Women. Children. Families. Society. 
I’m thinking a four painting series. 
I’ve been researching this for over a month. 

And I’m just now noticing. 

Well, I wasn’t sure I was going to do it. 
But it’s coming together in my mind. 
I find the whole subject strangely compelling. 
It’s like taking all the best things —- 
Love, family, loyalty, belonging — 
And placing them in the service of 
Cruelty and control.

That’s… kind of mind blowing. 

I want to ask questions, though. 
Isn’t a country just a kind of gang?

Love, family, loyalty, belonging…

All in the service of what?

Fair question. 
Should I leave you to get back to it?

Yeah, probably.
I’ll come get you in an hour or so,
We can go eat.

Sounds good.
Maybe I'll join you in
The questioning generation

That’s more like it

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