Sketches – 91

I got new glasses. What do you think?

I like them.

Do they make me look smarter?

You’re already the smartest person I know. They make you look sexier, if anything.

Really? Oh, that’s right, you have the librarian/Batgirl thing.

That’s probably both fair and true. What is your ‘thing’?

Thing? I always had a thing for outsider guys

Bad boys?

Not necessarily, just the social rejects.

Like me?

Well.. yeah. I mean, you’re an actuary.

I’m stunned after all these years to realize you don’t think I’m cool.

No, no, I just think being uncool, *is* cool. That’s my thing.

So did your prescription change?

Yes. Apparently I’m just a few years away from needing a guide dog.

So you’ve got that to look forward to.

Except, it’s blurry.

Not with new glasses, I hope.

How long have you had the librarian thing?

I always liked the smart girls. Because we could talk about stuff.

Most guys don’t have that particular hangup. Or are even threatened by it.

Well, that’s weird. Why would any sane person want to be with someone they cannot have meaningful conversations with?

Some guys are okay with skipping the conversations. Even you can be, occasionally.

That’s fine if you are a teenage boy. Because you don’t know better. But at some point, we put away childish things.

Not everyone does. And few people do so entirely successfully, even when they do. I liked to draw and color as a kid, now I’m a painter. I haven’t really changed what I do.

And I liked to jump off backyard barbecues, pretending I was Superman. So I haven’t really changed, either.

No, my dear, you have not. At least, through these glasses

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