Behind These Words

Behind these words, there is a me;
I’ve hidden him for years —-
I’ve been afraid of God-knows-what,
And lived within those fears.

I’ve tried to find the heart’s extremes
From safe within the middle;
I’ve reached for objectivity,
But in this life, there’s little.

For who and what I am determines
How I think and feel,
And there’s no me at all, if I
Cannot be truly real.

So I have friends, and family,
And love, here, where I’m at:
Behind these words there is a me,
A lucky me,
At that

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5 Thoughts to “Behind These Words

  1. A lucky you, and lucky us
    your daily rhymes give us a buzz
    It’s good to see a poet’s face
    and see a little of his place
    it does us good and makes us feel
    not just a blog, you’re really real!

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