Generic Blog Post

[I’ve determined that I seem to have roughly five moods; so, some time ago, I worked out a generic blog post I could use anytime by merely choosing from among them. I stumbled on it this morning, and while it is rather silly, I’m posting it anyway. – Owen]

Today has been a
good day
bad day 
sample of why days should be outlawed 
wasted day
day like any other

I’ve have been busy
making the world a better place 
playing video games 
working obscene hours 
watching WWE 
writing ephemera

I hope that, wherever you are,
you are finding happiness
you are staying away from trouble 
you are fulfilled 
you are courting the right kind of trouble 
you are living the life you are meant to live

And that you always know, you can come here if
you want to share the happiness 
you need a friend or a shoulder to cry on 
you want to discuss career options
you feel like wasting a few minutes 
you want to see what’s going down around here

These days, you can never have too
much time to enjoy life 
many friends who’ll be there for you 
much perspective on the future
many moments to yourself 
much time time to do what really matters to you

So take care. And remember:
happiness is waiting for you. 
love is waiting for you. 
that life you want is waiting for you.
people get tired of waiting for you, so, speed up. 
you can’t imagine all the wonderful things that life has waiting for you.

– Owen

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