Ironic Attachment

Ironic Attachment

She met him off in hotel rooms.
He’d often keep her waiting:
Then laugh at her impatience, saying
“It’s not like we’re dating.”

They did the things he wanted to.
The he would dress to go,
And she’d ask when she’d seem him next,
He’d say he didn’t know

But that he’d text when he was free.
And so it went – that life –
Her waiting for his messages,
And him home with his wife.

Then one day they agreed to meet,
Upon the door he knocked,
But found his wife in there instead,
And he was more than shocked –

She said, “I had to see, myself.
That you’re this big a jerk –
Don’t bother coming home, because
Your keys no longer work.”

He texted his long mistress, full
Of savage words, berating —
She said, “Hey, dude, get over it.
It isn’t like
We’re dating…”

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