Broken Spell

He wished she was in love with him
The way he was with her;
But she knew other, crueler men,
Whom she seemed to prefer

And so, he went and led his life.
It turned out not-that-bad —
He had his highs, of course,
And other times that were quite sad –

He saw her on the pier one day,
And realized, unspoken,
That he no longer felt for her;
The long-cast spell was broken.

But then he saw, within her eyes,
That she’d known long defeat;
The choices that she’d made had not
Turned out so very sweet.

They talked for a few minutes, and
He saw her eyes had scanned
To see signs of commitment, in
A left hand wedding band

But he would not go back again.
She said goodbye, and went;
He walked along the pier a while
Until the sun was spent.

He mused beside the sea with shame.
To gloat was his default –
Revenge is such an empty thing
When no one is
At fault

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