Algorithm & Blues

 Defining yourself
 By what you cannot do
 Is arbitrary in the extreme
 Since the number of such things
 Is infinite.

 In truth, we are
 The sum of all the things
 We do, or have done.

 Worrying about limitations
 Is like worrying about
 Not winning at the Olympics
 When you aren’t even entered.
 The best days we ever have
 Aren’t about how we feel,
 But how others feel, around us.
 If I was an Instagram model,
 And knew daily that
 Thirteen million people
 Saw pictures of my butt and thought,
 “Hey... I like that”
 I’m not quite sure what
 I’d think about anything else.
 Or that I ever would.
 Social media algorithms
 Think I care about odd things.
 Facebook thinks I want to see
 Cheesy morality tale videos.
 I do, but...
 How did they know?
 When I was a kid,
 I used to hear,
 “Never criticize someone
  Until you have walked a mile
  In their moccasins.”

 This was part of
 The popular wisdom of the time,
 Where empathy involved
 The appropriation of slippers.
 And culture, apparently.

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9 Thoughts to “Algorithm & Blues

  1. I was taught not to say anything about anyone or it could or would happen to you. Like call that girl fatty and see how fat you get. 😊

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