Flowers Named Elizabeth

For holidays, and hidden ways,
For shorter goes and longer stays,
For time reflecting only breath,
For flowers named Elizabeth,

For every moment felt in joy,
Adventure spent, and girl-meets-boy,
With gratitude we lift and know
How good things are, when they

Are so

Behind These Words

Behind these words, there is a me;
I’ve hidden him for years —-
I’ve been afraid of God-knows-what,
And lived within those fears.

I’ve tried to find the heart’s extremes
From safe within the middle;
I’ve reached for objectivity,
But in this life, there’s little.

For who and what I am determines
How I think and feel,
And there’s no me at all, if I
Cannot be truly real.

So I have friends, and family,
And love, here, where I’m at:
Behind these words there is a me,
A lucky me,
At that

A List of Likes

I like crooked places and asymmetrical landscapes;
  uneven ground, where the grass, weeds and flowers all grow wild
I like summer days so hot, the bees are practically motionless
I like drinking real Coca-Cola – made in Mexico – straight out of a glass bottle
  while riding a bicycle with no hands, feeling the wind on my head

I like fall days, bright colors pouring out of the trees
I like getting out sweaters, and sweatshirts, and light jackets, and
  heading out to watch a football game as the sun goes down over the stadium
I like new semesters, and old friends, and restaurants where the food is so good,
  I eat myself stupid
I like the excitement of an autumn evening, the smell of thankfulness