I’ve wanted an image conveying who I am; I’ve toyed with badgers and psychedelia. It hit me, though, today, what I am like. I’m like a seashell. Passive, on the beach; Just watching others as they amble by, But if you hold me up close to your ear, You might hear the ocean, The past … Continue reading "Seashell"

Sober Reflection

Most friendship is a blessing, but I think mine is a curse: For when I help, I often hurt And just leave people Worse

Behind These Words

Behind these words, there is a me; I’ve hidden him for years —- I’ve been afraid of God-knows-what, And lived within those fears. I’ve tried to find the heart’s extremes From safe within the middle; I’ve reached for objectivity, But in this life, there’s little. For who and what I am determines How I think … Continue reading "Behind These Words"

across the near and distant sea…

across the near and distant sea she sees a future still unsure amid the world’s inconstancy an admixture of what is pure   and what is stained and bruised is there. but she knows as she gazes far, be it on land or sea or air, it’s farthest to the place you really are

Empty Places

I've been like this as long as I can remember.

A Few Painful Truths

If you are under-challenged You’ll be called hyperactive It’s easy to be virtuous When you are unattractive When girls think boys are all the same That’s what they’re sure to find Since eyes point out instead of in We’re, all of us, self-blind