Where She Got Lost…

Where she got lost, she couldn’t say
She only knows, she’s there –
A thousand million miles away
From almost everywhere

Now, those who’ve never been its pawn –
Depression hasn’t scarred –
Think: rouse yourself, and just move on;
It shouldn’t be that hard

But like a hood over her head
She cannot see to walk;
Well-meaning friends, full-sighted, fed,
Aren’t really ones to talk

Although, she’s grateful that they’re there
Wherever that might be –
She’ll just keep going, breathing air
In hopeless


Today, I have done nothing right.
Some days, that’s how it goes;
No great heroics in the fight,
No deftly vanquished foes

No breakthroughs pulling me up high;
Epiphanies I’m short —
No lovely memories have I
Of humor or of sport —

I basically have just been here
Existing all day long;
Today, I have done nothing right –
Which doesn’t seem
That wrong

A Sunlight Thought

I spend my time in silent thought,

Just learning how to live,

And would not ask for anything

That you don’t want to give.


I watch the sunlight streaming through

My window as I write;

And see that though the string’s attached

I’m really just

A kite

The Lifeless Road

So blank upon the lifeless road…

So blank upon the lifeless road,
I drive to faults atone;
With dark recall my onward goad
And hours to be alone –

The sun goes down behind the trees;
The ribbon slow unwinds —
I’m constant kept in my unease,
And many, shifting minds –

If there was any living left
Of what my heart has wrecked,
I could reclaim it from its theft,
And slowly it inspect –

Instead, reality’s a vise:
The whole world has been paused —
The lifeless road, one more device
To frame the hurt
I caused

Meant to Be

“For people’s hearts go where they will…”

Prompt: Where were you last night at midnight?

To find this guy at midnight, you
Just listen for my snore:
I was asleep by ten last night
And up around, oh, four

The same was true on New Year’s Eve;
I am a boring guy;
My wife, she seems to like me
But I really can’t say why

I know why I like her, and that’s
Because she is the best:
For I tried many others,
Many years, and without rest —

But many midnights, I’m asleep
While she is yet astir —
You might think that could never work,
But I do not concur

For people’s hearts go where they will
And hers has gone to me:
So where I was last midnight was
The place
I’m meant
To be

Go Dog Gone

As though it was just yesterday. […]


Childhood Revisited

What is your earliest memory? Describe it in detail, and tell us why you think that experience was the one to stick with you.

The first two books came in the mail
And one was “Go Dog Go”,
The other one was “Hop on Pop”,
We read them in a row

I sat with my mom on the couch,
Alight, as each page turned;
As though it was just yesterday
Into my mind it’s burned

From then on, though, I read alone.
My mom said I could do it;
For I’d been reading for so long
That there seemed nothing to it

But not until my later teens
When we read poetry,
Did we e’er sit and read again;
My mom just read with me

And it’s a funny memory,
To read with so much joy:
And yet to feel I missed something
Back when I was
A boy