A Shiver

The autumn gray, As life turns Round and strange — A shiver, Not from cold or fear, But change .

Her Secret

I interviewed her about her amazing discipline.


There was a love who left her, long ago – She thinks about him still, and every day; And although we’ve been married all these years, I can’t make up for what she lost with him For nobody gets over their first love: Though she was very young, that love was all – And there’s … Continue reading "Zinged"

Watching Football

We all recharge in different ways. Sometimes it’s friends, or walks — But I like watching football best, Except, I would wear Socks .

His Brilliant Plan

She’d eat her sandwich on the lawn, And check her friends on Instagram; He saw her there most everyday, And so his mind conceived a plan – His friend would throw a frisbee, so It would land near her feet, And when he came to fetch it, then The two of them would meet. He … Continue reading "His Brilliant Plan"

The Twinkle in Her Eyes

I meant to live a single life, Alone, and with my honor; But then, the twinkle in her eyes Told me I was A goner .

Simply Plop

You play, you work, you crawl, you run, You go until you stop — And if you can, you find a place Where you can simply plop You close your eyes and all is well, You find that magic rest — Of all the feelings of its kind To plop is, like, The best .