Meal and Cake

For many, love is like the meal And sex like cake; for surely If we just eat sweets constantly, Things tend to turn out Poorly .

The Silence Ere The Dark

A shadow falls across the moon, The light that was is going; Why we should live to see these times There really is no knowing We sang our songs in innocence While we had hearts for singing; But now the silence, ere the dark That this eclipse Is bringing .

The Main Walk

I see her sitting Smiling, without care – The sidewalk is the main walk when She’s there The beauty of an open mind And heart – With simple days Turned into Works of art .

It’s Harmony

Her life and his were intertwined, Like vines or lover’s hands; Both separate and together were Their hopes and dreams and plans — Before the day that all was change, The cut down to the bone; The reaching for what’s ever gone, The song that’s sung alone For life was full of music, once: A … Continue reading "It’s Harmony"

Old is the new Old

Thank you to Daily Prompt at WordPress and MY FAVORITE BLOG (TM) for presenting me with this post title to work from. – Owen = = = = = I love to do these types of prompts, They keep me sharp and on my toes; It’s hard as you get older, mind, To stave off … Continue reading "Old is the new Old"

A Moment That Mattered

My wife had left me, with our tiny son Just three years old, bewildered by it all; I shaped my life for his security, To give a pattern to his days. That fall...