Old is the new Old

Thank you to Daily Prompt at WordPress and MY FAVORITE BLOG (TM) for presenting me with this post title to work from. – Owen

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I love to do these types of prompts,
They keep me sharp and on my toes;
It’s hard as you get older, mind,
To stave off all of aging’s woes.

For in the old days, old was old.
It isn’t now, for things have moved:
I would say old’s no longer old,
Instead it’s old. So it’s improved.

‘Cause though it is the same old old,
The new old’s not what it once was;
The old old’s out. The new old’s in.
For old is now what new old does.

So don’t forget, ye of WordPress:
What’s new is good and true and bold,
While old is bad, false cowardice,
Unless the old is our
New old

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