Sad Charlotte

Her tea, in little drips

Sad Charlotte sips –

Badly wanting real friends

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5 Thoughts to “Sad Charlotte

  1. I closed this window and then thought, “Damn, you know what, I want to leave a 300-word comment on that short poem, no matter how untoward it might seem.”

    Hamilton has actually been life-changing for me. I know this could sound ludicrous to many, but it’s the truth. It took these two to three hours a day where I felt even more disconnected than usual and turned them into ones where I suddenly felt profoundly connected. I was no longer alone, stuck in my car; I was able to share two hours with people who felt like they could have been friends (except Jefferson, who’s kind of a tool (but probably even him, dang it)). Then I put in In the Heights and found that I felt connected in an entirely different but still beautiful way. I found myself so glad that Miranda is out there not only loving people but expressing that love in both words and song. He’s, how do you say? Ah, yes: transcending.

    And then there was The Book of Mormon, which was nowhere in the same league as the other two but just brought me so much joy. I can’t help but laugh through half the soundtrack, and marvel at humankind’s adaptability the remainder.

    All of a sudden, thanks to musicals, my drive time was connection time. Creativity time. Wonderful time.

    Anthony got a small cash gift for his birthday and asked if I wanted anything from it. After a short discussion, I asked for a copy of the movie recording for Rent. (I’ll work my way toward Broadway, I’m sure.) Our budget will allow for maybe one additional musical per month. This is the one for July.

    For me, “badly wanting real friends” strikes so hard. I have real friends, but I almost never get to see them. For me, my new musical friends are the ones I get to see every day. It’s so freeing and healing.

    My whole childhood was a cluster@#% of unsafety. Now, between my husband, my job (including working daily with one of the most amazingly safe guys I’ve ever known), and musicals, I am starting to find safe and real friends in ways my younger self could never, ever have envisioned. It’s #$% amazing.

    (So to Charlotte I’d say, “Hang on … and listen to musicals.”)

    1. I’ll pass on that advice. Last I saw her (about three weeks ago) she seemed to have found some joy in long-distance swimming, of all things.

      On a related subject, I introduced my older son (stepson) to some of the classical music I love best when he was young, and he recently posted a YouTube version one of the works we used to listen to on Facebook with the hashtag #RaisedRight. With all that’s gone on in my family recently, it brought tears to my eyes to think that something – anything – I did for my children was of some lasting value to them.

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