The Life That I Remember

The life that I remember Is like a falling star, So brief, and so ephemeral, And only viewed afar — The life that I remember Had meaning, I recall — But flashed so short, it seems Like it was never there At all

Autumn Ride

Mother, daughter, side-by-side, Colors of an autumn ride, Soon to leave, the nascent bride, For so long, her mother’s pride.     How the colors change and fade,     How we the see the day arrayed,     One has gone, and one has stayed,     Moments, though, we’d never trade — Daughter, … Continue reading "Autumn Ride"

You Were Happy Then

You hadn’t come as far as you have now, Or seen the many things that you have seen; You hadn’t found out who you really are, A thing you found out in the years between But you might trade all that, and maybe more; All those amazing places you have been – For yes, much … Continue reading "You Were Happy Then"

The Heavy Rain Is Gone

You wonder why I still seem “off”, You thought we worked that through — We did: but it will still take time For me to be like new — I know the storm has passed, but please Remember this, always: After the heavy rain is gone, The waters roil For days


A red flag on a battlefield, A team of horses standing by; A century, or maybe two, And nobody remembers why — For days of moments fall like leaves, Lost soldier boys and retail stores, While empty carts line parking lots Like those that we roll back From wars

Reroutes (2)

She spoke to me of fall, and said, “That year, we took a trip to see The leaves first turning. We were to start a family, And I was burning With readiness, and fearfulness, And all else in-between, And every night we talked of wonders That day seen. I never dreamed that any trip Could … Continue reading "Reroutes (2)"

A Somewhere Beach

We walk along a somewhere beach, Amid the sand and shells; The days turn into sometime years, The years to someplace else And if, in time, you find me gone, Than you’ll know what to do: For on a somewhere beach, I’ll be – Until you get there, Too

Old Motel

Long gone out of fashion, she Sits beside the road alone; No one stays there anymore. One man, with his camera phone And his photo filter, now Frames her sad abandonment: There she sits, just wondering Where the hell All of it Went

all the scattered leaves

all the scattered leaves that fall tumble in the park; all of them, like you and me, barely leave a mark how the seasons tear us down, wind blows here, and yon -- all the scattered leaves we are: here today and gone