Cherries By The Lake

The heat was so oppressive, we Could barely make it up the hill That overlooked the distant lake. A shack with cherries there for sale, A tiny windmill in the yard, And both of us, exhausted — The woman said, “Come in. Cool off.” The air felt like a swimming pool And you and I … Continue reading "Cherries By The Lake"

the fading

our bright days: we take them wholly for granted youth knowing not age, and living each moment anew scents that sharp, and tastes so brilliant can linger but with years and miles, comes the dusk, withal the fading

Empty Manor

The years have been unkind here Once so fine in my eyes The empty things we envy When we get fooled   By size

Thrift Village

Pine cleaner and mildew in an endless battle always smelling, Fluorescent lights glaring, steel shelves’ bright abundance of overstock; Wide aisles of sometimes blockage, large displays, Concerns of new managers and old vendors there daily stopping; Living always in bargains for that which others Have passed in affluence; Thrift village then aging into infirmity, death … Continue reading "Thrift Village"

{ Big Box }

The places in our lives are part of us, And I spent days with family in these aisles. So much we buy just seems ridiculous, The stuff we brought along for all these miles – Her cousin was the manager a bit; We’d see him upfront, sometimes, tall and straight — They let him go … Continue reading "{ Big Box }"

Haute Decor

The flawless decor of the rich Can keep their sleeping kids in style; But all of that won’t give kids warmth Or make the moments worth the while That they might spend with parents who Spend all their lives on margin’s call: While love is riches, strange to say Mere riches are not love At … Continue reading "Haute Decor"

A Place to Launch

Another phase, another type of platform, A place to launch, a time to say goodbye; A thousand things we meant to do, but didn’t, The Fir-tree and The Catcher In The Rye   The literary lessons learned in losing, The hopes of soaring ‘neath a brand new sky — Another phase, another type of platform, … Continue reading "A Place to Launch"