Beer and Sausages

He said he’d cook her favorite meal
For her October birthday;
She said, “It’s beer and sausages,”
And so he said, “Okay”

He kind of panicked, bordering
On out-and-out hysteria;
She’d know if they were good or not,
For she was from Bavaria

Though he sprech little Deutsch, he called
Her mom to find out how;
The beer she named was quite uncommon
But, the good Hausfrau

Assured him, it would all be schön.
So the big night arrived,
And once again she ate the food
She’d been so long deprived.

She drank the beer with joy and asked,
“Now how – now how did you…”
He said, “I called your mother,
And she told me what to do”

The rest of that long birthday night
I do not plan to tell;
Save that the beer and sausages
Did seem to go down

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