What Stress?

“What stress do you have,” you might ask
“That you ahould feel this way?”
You have a steady job, and get
A fair amount of pay.”

I think that is legit, and so
I’ll try now to explain
Why I might be a little tense
Just what’s been on my brain

The job I have’s remunerative
But I’m to up my ears
With ten billions of dollars and
With many folks’ careers

My wife’s job is a stressful one
She’s frequently a light
Called in for dying people in
The middle of the night

My eldest daughter’s pregnant
And her marriage has its woes
My youngest son’s bipolar and
His unemployment shows

Another daughter’s marrying
But doesn’t want us there;
The last one’s husband just resents
Her burgeoning career

I’m fifty-three years old and things
Have just changed, big, at work;
I don’t know if I’m liked or favored –
Thought of as a jerk –

So I will play piano, write and read,
I’ll stretch and walk;
To try to work off all this stress
And not go into shock

For everything is pushing me
Out here onto this ledge;
And I just need some breathing space
To back up
Off this edge



4 thoughts on “What Stress?

  1. It is stressful even to read these converging situations, and thus easy to understand the stress of living them. I hope you find enough sustenance in small moments to get you through to less rocky times. I am glad to “know” you.

    1. I feel like I do get enough, thank you. The more stressful life gets, the more I write: it’s either therapy or an avoidance mechanism. Probably both.

      And as for “knowing” each other, I’ve been very happy to get to know the Monster In My Closet – who is, indeed, quite friendly! (And a really good writer)

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