Cherries By The Lake

The heat was so oppressive, we
Could barely make it up the hill
That overlooked the distant lake.

A shack with cherries there for sale,
A tiny windmill in the yard,
And both of us, exhausted —

The woman said, “Come in. Cool off.”
The air felt like a swimming pool
And you and I ate cherries in our chairs.

This comes back now, I think, because
How often, these days, all we share
Is that we both are tired,

But that such sharing is a thing.
And even one remembered fond,
Might make today, well


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2 Thoughts to “Cherries By The Lake

  1. Hey, not sure what to call you. If I abbreviate your Blogging name, it just sounds like an insult. All joking aside. Love the picture, and your words…made me want to go there.
    I do enjoy your posts. Thank you.

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