There was that day, that hour, You can still recall it, When all of life's possibilities Washed over you like breeze on bare skin, And you felt more alive than You had ever felt, or thought you could feel; And you knew, suddenly, exactly what 'joy' is, A word you'd only heard in songs before, … Continue reading "unspeakably"

ephemera 7

the night split open: wind blew terror through the trees, chilling our spirits. we sang then of better times, and dared the storm to join in Image credit : Vof Vermeulen Perdaen & Steyaert

what a day

arms wide out — the sky in freckled wonder born, a moment twisted into beauty stretched across this canvas


Across the span of love and space, I see her young, her vibrancy; A sister of tomorrows that She was not fated far to see — But yet: within each perfect sky My heart and eyes can feel her there, In days that say that life is good, And some of that is still Adair

Morning, early fall.

Morning, early Fall. Hazelnut coffee and ripped jeans through windows, people streaming out of and into doors, and blue peeking around the morning clouds; while a bit of chill comes by, uncertain it is any longer a remembered thing. But she remembers, and the memory is such as brings a smile to her face like … Continue reading "Morning, early fall."

Tea Lights

Slowly, she disrobed, Laying down Her last resistance
I'm trying to understand --

Traveling Thoughts – 3

“Embrace the moment” This is what is said — It resonates and echoes In the head But lo, arms open wide, We see the day: And realize that time has slipped Away