The artist stops to paint a scene With colors that she purchased from A shop that closed six years before, A place that smelled of spirit gum And costumes hanging in the back By landscapes painted for the stage. And in the now, she thinks about What happened to that place. Her painting packed up … Continue reading "Erewhon"

{ the feel }

when he still had the feel, the earth was cinnamon, and waterslides, and autumn like a kiss, a lingering, discovery, no guides, each whole experience — a birth. when he still had the feel when sorrow had another place to grow, he held the air and ground inside a heart that stretched into the sky, … Continue reading "{ the feel }"

The Sea Rolls In

The sea rolls in at twilight time, The day is laying down to rest; My love is standing by my side And I can hear a beating in her chest… The waves are lovely, soft and wet; The dampness there upon my brow, The spray, dispersing in the air – And we, yes, she and … Continue reading "The Sea Rolls In"

Sunrise 7

He walked down to the waterside When he was twelve of years, Awash in nescience and pride And dreams of new frontiers And there were gulls, and mourning doves, And fishers organizing -- But when you're only twelve of years, The sun Is always Rising

Snowfall In The Meadow

Snowfall in the meadow, Wind blows through the woodland, Day gives way to shadow, All with frost is aproned — Boundaries and fences Bring to thought tomorrows: Where we draw our limits There will come Our sorrows

The Many and the Much

The many and the much, The chance to run, or touch, The moment, and the place, The heartbeat, with its pace, The fabled and the few, The everything to do, The hammering of rain, The cut against the grain, The thunderstruck elation, The time without duration, The blending in the kiss, The edge of the … Continue reading "The Many and the Much"