Another Kind of Price

The waves both come and go, but still The shore seems much the same As waves of guilt surround me now But barely touch the blame That I assign to one like me, Who knew where truth began: The needless hurt that can be caused From not much of A man   (“Another Kind of … Continue reading "Another Kind of Price"


I wonder if you ever knew How much I loved and envied you; Each move you made so effortless, Your carefree natural blessedness That I resented foolishly, Despite how you believed in me. For though my heart’s a universe, It has black holes in it — and worse — So now, upon the crest of … Continue reading "Forgiveness"

Guile Fly Away

And so, I compartmentalize To justify my wrongs – I honey what would scandalize With sweet, but piquant, songs – The empty mill that is my mind Looks lively and afire – But I know that there’s nothing there And that I am A liar

The Hallowing of Hollowing

The hallowing of hollowing, A process I know well: I filled myself with nothingness, And grew too proud to tell – I thought my sorrows justified The moments that I stole; But then, the truth intruded on What was left of my soul — I know the emptiness I’ve lived, I feel the keening lack … Continue reading "The Hallowing of Hollowing"

Forfeiture –

The heart that skittered in my chest   betrayed the world before my eyes;   the few who I had loved the best   had spun away to alibis. I looked and stared, I stared and looked,   but nothing came to focus clear;   the wind still smelled as fate had cooked,   and … Continue reading "Forfeiture –"

the wash that happens in the wake

the wash that happens in the wake of passions leading to mistake will fast define the way we see ourselves, within our misery but do not view yourself as such, though others use that portal — for human is as human does, and we are merely mortal

Twitterthought #1

There are two types of fathers: Those that feel guilty And those That have no business being fathers


bright in memory are seen houses in the hidden hills; grasses thick and long and green, streamlet into river spills mud and mannered charity, humble pride in what is owned; bright as daylight clarity, calling out to be atoned