Missing the Man

I found myself missing the man today, because Every once in a while, I forget he died. If that sounds crazy to you, don’t worry, One day you’ll understand. Part of us never leaves the denial stage: About grief, or anything else. That’s part of what fiction is all about: Saying “no” to reality, with … Continue reading "Missing the Man"

Frozen Rows

I stand amid the frozen rows, And think of long-lost friends; Where stones line up just like these trees And sorrow never ends I stand amid the winter gloom, A hush is on the clearing, I guess that I could join them all, But I’m not volunteering

I Knew Them When

I knew them when The fields were gold, And hours filled With guiltlessness I knew them on Their wedding day: In youth, with all Its weightlessness — I knew them in The times before: The sunset walks, And reveries — I knew them when There was a them, And more than tears And memories

Two Like Us

The city shapes make up your world The way that country roads do mine; But we can brush together ‘neath The common stars that peek and shine   At two like us, so far away; So different in our ways and miens — With you, among cement and kale, And me amid dirt roads, and … Continue reading "Two Like Us"

– this grief –

the lightest hand across your back, or held within a deep embrace; if i could join you in this grief, i’d cross the coldest depths of any space i know the light and dark are mixed, our longest times are still so brief; and though my love is poor, at best, i’ll give you all … Continue reading "– this grief –"

Nothing Beats Friends

Summer goes, and summer evenings Sometimes wander aimlessly; Takes us back to years and places, Timeless, easy, young, and free – So much that we lose for loving, All the obstacles time sends —     But there is nothing, nothing     That beats friends. Growing up and on together, Still in moments motion … Continue reading "Nothing Beats Friends"