Awake, and Know

Awake, and know That I still care; Although things change As they must do Awake, and know That I’m still there, Though hard snow falls, And sharp winds blow For you and I Must each our paths Of life and family Navigate But sometimes, know And maybe, smile, That friends are friends, And fate Is … Continue reading "Awake, and Know"

Don’t Give

She said She did not know What she should do I said I thought I kind of Understood She didn’t seek advice, Which worked out well, Since I had none to give For I’m not her For choices lie At the intersection of things And values; And values are the sole property Of their owner … Continue reading "Don’t Give"

she loves you, but…

she loves you, but she cannot be your lover: she gave her heart, and she can give no other the book is so much more than just the cover — she loves you, but she cannot be your lover

Oh, Friend

Why is it we must lose the very things we're proudest of?