Graveyard Walk

Graveyard in Fall

Light, the leaves beneath my feet
Soft and silent is the way;
There among the many who
Walked the paths of yesterday

Cool, blows Autumn on the air
Through the paths and stones I thread;
To take counsel with my thoughts
There among the vaulted dead

Those, there are who morbid call
Graveyard roaming such as this;
But its living and not dying
That is truly


(“Graveyard Walk” – 10-24-2014)

23 thoughts on “Graveyard Walk

  1. the simplicity and truth behind this sparked some sort of understanding that i needed today–and that is what art is meant to do. Thank you for that.

  2. Last I visited – was to make sure – in effect – that the ground was not disturbed – They were still there – where they had been placed – and to my senses came a quiet whisper – NOW be at ease – all is good

  3. It’s beautiful and melancholy. After reading it, I felt like curling up on a couch with a blanket and a book. I just finished reading Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel and somehow, the graveyard photo reminded me of it. However, for the novel, the colors would be more bleak.

  4. Thank you, Merry. You have been so encouraging to me; I appreciate it more than I can say.

    I think you are a marvelous writer. You should definitely write as much poetry as you ever feel you want to. I look forward to reading you daily as it is.

    I hope one day you can escape the worst of fibro as I was fortunate to do with lupus.

  5. To quote Ben Okri…

    Fear not, for death is not the real terror,
    But life, magically, is.

    There’s a beautiful graveyard near where I live called Abney Park Cemetery. Sometimes I run through it, sometimes I walk through it, sometimes I just sit. Do you have a favourite graveyard?

    1. I love the many churchyards in the farm country surrounding this city, many with graves from the 1800’s. As I drive down unfamiliar roads around here, I occasionally find one that’s new to me. Those are amazing.

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