End of Life ‘Care’

These people see me now as something old;
A dusty, wrinkled thing – long broken down —
Not someone vibrant, who, with manifold
Expressive loving gifts dons this green gown

For I am no one now; not anyone.
These owlish, peering eyes that merely stare
Try to invoke humanity in them:
They look past me as though I was not there

They don’t mean ill, they do not feel at all;
I’m just another client in a bed —
Who’s so unprepossessing in his mien
That should I, in five minutes, turn up dead,

They’ll register that there are no heartbeats:
Then merely move the corpse, and change the sheets

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6 Thoughts to “End of Life ‘Care’

  1. There will always have been one who looks at your cards, memorabilia, and belongings, perhaps after praying for you, who will carefully fold your admitting clothes and your eyeglasses with as much good-willed honor as possible.

    1. I know what you say is true many places, perhaps most: but not everywhere or with every shift. I’ve spent a long time in hospitals as a patient, and most of what I saw was indeed very caring, so from my experience, your point still stands — but I also had elderly roommates die, and it happened something like I describe here, just because of the circumstances of that particular day in that place.

      Long reply, but I wanted to let you know I understand it isn’t usually like this — just that it is sometimes.

  2. Poweful wods. I oversaw my Mother’s care for nine years…three at her home and six in nursing homes. She left this world on December 15th last year aged 94, and I know experienced some of what is expressed in these words….as did I, her carer and only child. It’s a terrible system all round….I was fortunate to get my Mother into a good nursing home close to where I live – at a huge financial cost, but even so for her final few years, having been a very strong, independent woman all her life, she just wanted to die. It has certainly coloured the way I hope to end my life…..Thank you Janet

  3. We all have our jobs to do in life, and their’s is one I appreciate greatly but would not relish. It must have become so tremendously difficult over the past year and it is understandable that emotion creep must happen with potential long term stress building and hidden.

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