Bed Space

So many more will sleep upon this bed, And most will live to see a better day; But this – this was your final place to rest Before the sleep of death took you away   You’d reconciled yourself in recent times, Though Lord knows how, you found peace with the past — This little … Continue reading "Bed Space"


This was my home away from home I went there oft to stay; When I’d come to, we all would share Banter and repartee The doctors and the nurses there They got to know me well: It’s really quite a nice place for The local Branch Of hell

The staff is very busy now…

The staff is very busy now; They don’t have time to bring you ice. They gave you water yesterday, And sure, I guess it *would* be nice — To win the lottery, I think – That’d be too wonderful to tell — The staff is very busy now; If you want water, then, Get well