End of Life ‘Care’

Hospitals just bring out the cheerfulness in me. – Owen

These people see me now as something old;
A dusty, wrinkled thing – long broken down —
Not someone vibrant, who, with manifold
Expressive loving gifts dons this green gown

For I am no one now; not anyone.
These owlish, peering eyes that merely stare
Try to invoke humanity in them:
They look past me as though I was not there

They don’t mean ill, they do not feel at all;
I’m just another client in a bed —
Who’s so unprepossessing in his mien
That should I, in five minutes, turn up dead,

They’ll register that there are no heartbeats:
Then merely move the corpse, and change the sheets

Bed Space

So many more will sleep upon this bed,

And most will live to see a better day;

But this – this was your final place to rest

Before the sleep of death took you away


You’d reconciled yourself in recent times,

Though Lord knows how, you found peace with the past —

This little space, these flimsy linen sheets,

Were all you had to comfort you at last


This bed space, thoughtlessly, will soon be cleaned;

New patients always come, it must be said —

But just us few, whenever we may pass,

Will think of your last days

Upon this


The staff is very busy now…

The staff is very busy now;
They don’t have time to bring you ice.
They gave you water yesterday,
And sure, I guess it *would* be nice —

To win the lottery, I think –
That’d be too wonderful to tell —
The staff is very busy now;
If you want water, then,
Get well

in the corridor

… of a hospital

where have you gone?

this place is strange, and i feel lost –
where have you gone?

i know we had a happy home;
and you were always at my side —
you were my pixie, i your gnome;
your gnarled groom, my shining bride

where have you gone?